David, Bishop of Stobi and Administrator of Strumitsa: CHRIST IS RISEN!

A longing glance at beautiful mountain peaks in spring – sufficient for a man to acknowledge the sublimity of his existence! How much incomparably more the participation in the Resurrection of Christ dazes the face and the heart of man, precisely because of the undeniable fact that the most ardent problem of humanity is forever solved, the problem of death. Death is defeated, the decay is over!

Consequently, the Resurrection is the style of life of an Orthodox Christian. According to this style of existence, man, being faced with various life circumstances, consistently rises and constantly moves forward. Living this cross-raised atmosphere, the Church endlessly rushes towards the meeting of the future: the encounter with the Risen Christ. However, beyond the catholicity of the Church, where resurrection truly manifests itself, and therefore, we see that the celebration of the Resurrection takes place in the framework of folklore and customs when beyond unity. As a mere imitation, as Aristotle said.

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